Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bianco x Camilla Pihl

You need that perfect pair of simple leather biker boots. Preferably low biker boots that goes a bit up your leg, but not too high. I have been looking for that pair since forever. I finally found them. The one thing that made these perfect on me is the width around the leg. I've never found ones that I feel are loose enough. These are perfect. Very casual, basic and classic. I hope the quality is as good as they feel. 

I had a BIG clean out in my wardrobe in Oslo this Summer (going to do the same in London). Half of my closet was given to charity. What a good feeling! It's like loosing 10 kilos when you clean out your things like that. So yes, being free of everything I didn't use I'm now in the middle of building my new wardrobe with the perfect basic pieces. These boots fit nicely in that building process.  

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